· Closed gearbox, full tangential control system with steel running wheels and with ball bearings. The conical centralized light metal housing is dust tight and greased (re-greasing is possible). This results in long working life and precise control.


· Strong, single-stage bevel gear and divided pinion shaft with three bearings for long working life.


· Perfect, adjustable swaths are created—even in very heavy grass—due to the long tines and perfectly smooth front surfaces of the extra strong tine arms.


· Control cam can be adjusted from outside providing optimum formation of swaths for all sizes of balers.


· Foldable protection brackets with spring support, turning point far to the outside and light weight swath-forming device made of aluminum profile— saving power and space.

Features of FELLA Single Rotary Swathers/Rakes

Fella Swathers/Rakes

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