FELLA Single Rotor Rakes Available

The FELLA Rotary Rakes mounted with tandem axles provide clean, fast raking of loose, fluffy, adjustable-width windrows.


There is no roping action of the crop; therefore, more air can circulate through the windrow letting the curing process continue.


Without the roping action, baling is made easier.


(Click here or on picture for features of the FELLA DUO TWIN ROTOR larger rakes.)

Fella Swathers/Rakes

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FELLA Single Rotor Rotary Swathers/Rakes

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Model No.


Working Width

Cleaning Width

Power Required


Pull Type

13 ft. 7 in.

10 ft. 5 in.

41 h.p.


Pull Type

14 ft. 9 in.

11 ft. 2 in.

41 h.p.