Models to 56 feet

The quiet running reveals the quality, design and workmanship


· Large center transport wheels and tires—reduces damage from road pot holes, etc.

· Hydraulic fold

· Once adjusted to tractor’s draw bar height, tine height never needs re-adjusting.

· Automatic disengagement of pto drive when folding up.

· Automatic self-leveling when folding down and automatic re-engagement of pto.

· Results in never having to get off the tractor when going from field to field.

· Every hinge joint has bronze bushing and grease fitting. With proper greasing by the operator, one can make it last as long as he wants it to.

FELLA Tedders

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FELLA Turbo Tedders

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Model No.

Working Width

No. of Rotors


17 ft.

4- 6 tine arms per rotor


25 ft. 3 in.

6– 6 tine arms per rotor