Total Length

92.5 inches

Total Width

86.6 inches

Total Height

139.7 inches


946 lbs.

No. of blades on cutting drum


16 pieces

Cutting Drum Rotation

1400 rpm


Up to 40 tons/hour

Length of Cut

3/16 inch to 1/4 inch

Required Power Input

27 h.p.

Silo Corn ChoppersSilo Corn Choppers

The Silo Maize Chopper is a popular corn feeding machine for wildlife.

 Cutting blades made of high quality steel

 Precise and even cut

 Crumbling plate grinds grain for easy digestion

 Adjustable rollers crush grain evenly and efficiently

 Prepares quality silage

 Simple, easy to adjust from tractor seat

Features of the Silo Maize Chopper

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SILO Corn Choppers

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